An idea.  A widget. A gizmo. A platform.  Whatever it is, its actual impact, or its potential impact is undeniable.    This solution provider may have a history of ideas and innovation, or they may be the new kid on the block, but regardless, they have a kick-ass solution and it needs to be recognized.  

Maybe there is a great back story in the development of the idea through a retail partnership, or maybe this solution provider had the foresight to solve an industry problem and hedged their bet on its success.  The Solution Provider - Innovator category is intended to recognize that "something new", or maybe even that "something amazing" that offers a real contribution to your business, and/or to the industry at large.      To be eligible for nomination, the specific example of innovation must currently be, or have been, released to the industry within the last 24 months.    Solution Provider - Innovator nominations must be submitted by a retail client with first-hand knowledge of the solution's impact on retail performance or the bottom line.  

For those worthy of consideration as a leader in outstanding service and support, please consider nominating  under the Solution Provider - Partner category. 
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and The Nominees are...

Nominations are now closed for submission.  Nominees will be reviewed and finalists will be posted for public review in April 2021... stay tuned!