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Scroll down to meet your 2024 FMI AP Rising Star Finalists!  (In no particular order) 

Finalist #1

Finalist Name:
Luke Devine

Title / Position:
District Asset Protection Manager, Dallas Division

Company or Organization
The Kroger Co.

What are people saying about Luke? 

Luke Devine is an outstanding District AP Manager with a proven track record of success. Luke comes from a law enforcement family but fell in love with the Asset Protection business. Luke shows amazing leadership, business acumen and has a communication style that grabs the attention of his audience. Luke worked his way up from Asset Protection Specialist to his current role of District AP Manager and has aspirations to continue growing his career in Asset Protection.

Finalist #2

Finalist Name:
Haile Kasiner

Title / Position:
Global Investigations

Company or Organization
Harps Food

What are people saying about Haile? 

Meet Harps Food's champion of asset protection, Haile Kasiner! Since joining Harps in 2021, she was promoted early to the closing manager, cash office manager, and finally, asset protection for Harps Food. She has been instrumental in identifying internal thefts and losses by creating transactional reports, which have saved the company over $100,000. Haile's commitment to professional development is awe-inspiring. Recently, she completed a high-level law enforcement class (Reid) for interviews and interrogations, which has sharpened her skills in speaking with associates and led to the successful recovery of almost $15,000 through approximately 40 internal interviews. Her versatility and tact have made her a valuable asset to the team. She can wear different hats, interview juveniles and their parents, or discuss training issues with seasoned managers to help them train associates. Haile has demonstrated this by discussing cases with managers and critiquing their actions. Her diplomacy has been instrumental in her success. Haile is skilled at identifying losses and finding solutions to correct them. She identified an issue regarding gift card fees that was causing several Harps stores to lose thousands of dollars a month. Haile found a solution and worked with store systems to correct this. She also created an in-house alert to prevent future fee mistakes. In conclusion, Haile's skills, commitment, and versatility make her a valuable asset to Harps Food. She is a champion of asset protection, and her dedication has saved the company significant amounts of money. She is the perfect candidate for the 2024 FMI AP Rising Star Award.

Finalist #3

Finalist Name:
Alex Corbin

Title / Position:
Manager of Emergency Management

Company or Organization

What are people saying about Alex? 

Alex Corbin has made significant strides in crisis management for Meijer as an organization and within the industry. He has blazed the path for managing through the unknown when disaster strikes. One such example is when Alex led the efforts to restore business continuity when Meijer's Tipp City Distribution facility was struck by a tornado crippling the supply chain for the organization. He effectively resolved the most pressing matters within a day and restored operations. He has assisted multiple other organizations in the industry, including competitors, with building out threat assessment programs due to the well-developed, effective program he spearheaded at Meijer. Meijer's threat assessment team is believed to be one of the best in the industry, and a majority of the team's success can be attributed to the team's leader, Alex Corbin. He has overseen numerous cases preventing violent threat actors from carrying out harm to Meijer's team members, customers, and vendors. He has helped multiple organizations navigate through active shooter situations and used these real-world examples to develop internal processes in case this type of crisis ever occurs in a Meijer store. Alex is always the first person in and last person out, clearly highlighting his dedication to his work. He has crafted and executed multiple crisis management exercises and frequently works with private and public sector partners to ensure preparedness within the communities in Meijer's footprint. Ultimately, all of this boils down to Alex's commitment to help keep individuals safe and the wheels of the organization rolling.

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The winner will be announced live at the
2024 FMI Asset Protection and Grocery Resilience Conference in Dallas, TX May 20-24th - and then posted here.