The LP Team of the Year represents excellence in teamwork and performance across the retail organization.  True business partners, this team strives to make an impact with each other and with their operational counterparts, to collaborate in driving success for everyone in the company, while contributing to the communities they serve.  

Nominations for the LP Team award must be made in consideration of outstanding performance and accomplishments realized during the calendar year for which they have been nominated.   Individuals submitting a nomination may be a part of the LP Team they are nominating, or may be nominated by a third party.

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LP Team Finalist #1:    Kroger AP Team
Here's what people are saying about this fantastic LP/AP Team:

Ushered in by Mike Lamb and team, prior to his retirement, Kroger is leading the industry in an aggressive multi-faceted approach to creating and enforcing "Impression of Control" through product protection, advanced IT integrations/investigations and consumer & associate safety initiatives to 'take their stores' back. Multiple AP Teams have, again, taken lead from Kroger AP Team and the best practices they continue to innovate and drive for the betterment of the Retail AP Community.
LP Team Finalist #2:     Ulta Beauty Organized Retail Crime Investigation Team
Here's what people are saying about this fantastic LP/AP Team:
I am honored to nominate the Ulta Beauty Organized Retail Crime Investigations Team for the prestigious Loss Prevention Team of the Year Award. This team embodies the epitome of excellence, dedication, and impact in our organization and the wider industry. This Organized Retail Crime Investigations Team is a shining example of collaborative success, consistently going above and beyond to safeguard our organization against the pervasive threat of organized retail crime. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their work, from their meticulous investigative processes to their innovative approaches to mitigating risks and protecting assets. What sets this team apart is not only their exceptional performance in investigations but also their unwavering dedication to assisting industry peers. They willingly share their expertise, best practices, and insights, contributing to the collective effort to combat organized retail crime on a broader scale. Their willingness to collaborate and support others reflects their commitment to the greater good of the industry. Moreover, the Organized Retail Crime Investigations Team embodies the values of diversity, inclusion, and community service.
They recognize the importance of representing and embracing diverse perspectives within their team, fostering an inclusive environment where every member feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique talents.
Furthermore, they actively engage with and contribute to the communities they serve, demonstrating a deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact beyond the walls of our organization.

LP Team Finalist #3:    Giant Eagle LP Team
Here's what people are saying about this fantastic LP/AP Team:
The Giant Eagle/GetGo Loss Prevention team is comprised of just 14 Regional Loss Prevention Managers, 2 Senior Managers, and 1 Director that cover almost 500 Supermarkets, convenience stores, warehouses, and corporate office buildings in 5 states; Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana. Small, but mighty, with over 185 combined years of tenure with Giant Eagle. In 2023, the Giant Eagle/GetGo Loss Prevention team was responsible for over 500 cases valued over $350,000. Most of these cases come from vendors, large external theft cases and/or internal theft cases. So far for 2024, the RLPMs are responsible for over 150 cases valued over $125,000. Since 2023, the LP team has been focused on expanding their Store Detective presence across the Supermarket locations. The goal is to have 75 Store Detectives floor walking, catching external shoplifters in the Supermarket locations. In 2023, the Store Detective program was responsible for over 2500 cases valued over $250,000. Almost all these cases are external cases. So far for 2024, the Store Detective program is responsible for over 1000 cases valued over $115,000. While focusing on overall shrink, the Loss Prevention team partners with their Operational Partners, Shrink and Inventory Management teams, Audit and Accounting teams, HR team, etc. to help enforce policies and procedures that the stores/RSC have in place. If there is an issue at a location, the LP team is there to help enforce or support any way they can. One recent example of this was partnering with the Shrink and Inventory Management teams to create a "high shrink school" for 40 Supermarket locations. We collaborated to create content, presented in classroom and store settings, had certifications the Store Leaders had to pass, and continued monthly meetings to track progress and share wins/opportunities with all 40 locations. The program was so successful, we used pieces of it to present to all Supermarket locations a few months after the shrink school, so that all 186 Supermarkets could hear the wins/opportunities across the markets. Shrink is death by a thousand cuts and is a continued team effort to control and decrease.
LP Team Finalist #4:      EssilorLuxottica North America Investigations Team
Here's what people are saying about this fantastic LP/AP Team:
This team, with thousands of miles separating each of them, has consistently shown that diversity and vastly polar experiences can be leveraged in support of each other. They work organically in an effort to elevate one another with a shared goal of protecting our people during an unprecedented period of violence and retail crime. At any given moment, each member of the team is juggling hundreds of critical investigations across thousands of locations and numerous jurisdictions. Yet despite the hectic nature of their duties, they maintain diligence in providing exceptional levels of closure while creating long-lasting relationships with our front-line employees and external partners.