Collaboration between retailers, law enforcement, and the communities they serve, requires a coordinated effort and is critical for success in the battle against organized retail crime.  

The Outstanding ORCA Award honors a standout Organized Retail Crime Association for its exceptional partnership and investigative efforts. This award category is intended to spotlight an association that excels in uniting law enforcement, retailers, and communities to combat retail crime. Criteria includes but is not limited to:  innovative strategies for intelligence sharing, investigative success, and impactful crime reduction.  We are looking for that ORCA that exemplifies how effective partnerships across sectors can lead to significant advancements in the fight against organized retail crime, demonstrating leadership, innovation, and a commitment to creating a safer retail environment, and safer communities, through collective action and shared resources.

nominations are now open

SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATION for the 2023-2024 awards

To submit your nomination, click below to access the 2024 Nomination Form.  If you are unable to access the form due to corporate network security issues, please email TheHallMonitor@gmail.com  for additional support. 

This is a New award for the 2023-24 award season!


While Nominations are open, voting is currently closed.
Voting for the FMI AP Rising Star will open mid April.
All other categories will open for voting in late April 2024.

Check back for more details once the finalists are selected and posted.