The LP Leader of the Year is a Retail Director level position, or above, who is driving success with their team and for their organization.  They are making a positive impact in the lives of others and leading by example, whether through successful times or times of adversity.  

To be eligible for nomination, the LP Leader must currently be, or have been, in the role of retail LP leadership for which they are being nominated, for some or all of the calendar year of nomination (2021).  Individuals must be nominated by someone other than themselves.   The LP Leader of the Year category is intended to recognize outstanding performance by an individual, worthy of recognition during the calendar year of 2021, or some part thereof.  This category is specific to leaders employed by a retail organization.  Outstanding Solution Providers should be nominated under one of the Solution Provider categories.   For those worthy of consideration for lifetime achievement in loss prevention, consider nominating that individual to be inducted into the Loss Prevention Hall of Honor.  

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LP Leader of the Year Finalist #1:   Chad McManus, T-Mobile (and Chairman of GROC)

Here's what people are saying about this exceptional leader:

Chad does a fantastic job of chairing the GROC Alliance Council. Different than most ORCAs who do a one time a year conference and a monthly intelligence sharing meeting, GROC is involved with various functions through the year due to Chad's efforts. He is consistently networking and looking for opportunities for GROC to be more than a one time a year conference organization. GROC provides training at LE Training Academies, speaks at University events to students and faculty, holds joint meetings with other professional organizations (IAI, IAFCI) and hosts other training symposiums throughout the year to educate and train the LE and LP community. GROC has existed for 13 years and Chad has been involved in some capacity or another almost since inception. They currently have over 600 members and then have held 73 annual conferences over the years with 756 intelligence sharing meetings. GROC has conducted 9 ORC blitzes over the years with LE resulting in 100 arrests and the recovery of over $100K in merchandise recovery.

Chad was also the visionary that inspired GROC to develop a scholarship program that has now supported GA State University and Kennesaw State University and awarded 15 scholarships to criminal justice students. I am a member of several different ORCAs across the country, but I don't see any of the presidents or chairmen of other ORCAS doing as much on a regular basis to make the impact in their state that Chad is doing in GA.

LP Leader of the Year Finalist #2:     Scott Draher, Lowes

Here's what people are saying about this exceptional leader:

Scott Draher, Vice President of Asset Protection and Safety at Lowe's, exemplifies leadership and innovation in the field of loss prevention. Under his stewardship, Lowe's has significantly enhanced its asset protection strategies, integrating cutting-edge technologies and fostering a culture of safety across its extensive network of stores.
Scott's visionary approach has led to the implementation of advanced surveillance systems, data analytics, and machine learning tools, which have collectively reduced shrinkage and improved overall store safety. His dedication to leveraging technology has not only fortified Lowe's against theft but has also streamlined operations, contributing to a more efficient and secure shopping environment.

A hallmark of Scott's leadership is his commitment to employee training and development. He has spearheaded comprehensive training programs that empower staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage security challenges. This focus on education and empowerment has cultivated a vigilant and proactive workforce, crucial for maintaining Lowe's high standards of safety and loss prevention - further evidenced by Lowes overall shrink performance which excels contrary to the poor results experienced by many others in retail today.

Scott Draher's contributions to asset protection and safety are transformative, making him a standout leader in the industry. His relentless pursuit of excellence and innovative solutions makes him a deserving recipient of the LP Leader of the Year award, reflecting his profound impact on Lowe's and the broader retail security landscape.
LP Leader of the Year Finalist #3:     Michael, Limauro, Whole Foods
Here's what people are saying about this exceptional Leader:

Mike Limauro is the Vice President of Global Asset Protection at Whole Foods and is a true leader in loss prevention. His innovative ideas and strategic thinking have greatly improved Whole Foods' security efforts worldwide. Mike has successfully introduced advanced technologies like Al­ powered cameras and predictive analytics, and these tools have helped reduce theft and improve security throughout our stores. His ability to mix high-tech solutions with practical approaches sets him apart in the industry.

Michael believes in the power of teamwork and ongoing learning. He has built a strong culture of awareness and proactive action among the store teams, making stores safer for both customers and employees. His dedication and forward-thinking approach have made a significant impact on Whole Foods' asset protection. His leadership and achievements more than qualify him as an outstanding candidate for the LP Leader of the Year award, recognizing his commitment to keeping assets and people safe.



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