Eligibility for the RETAIL lp rising star

The Retail LP Rising Star is an up-and-comer that has demonstrated through their words, actions, and behaviors that they are going places as a role model for others, a leader in their company, and as a positive, insightful, and exemplary representative of the loss prevention industry both now and moving forward. They are making a positive impact in the lives of others and leading by example, whether through successful times, times of change, or times of adversity.

To be eligible for nomination, the Retail LP Rising Star must currently be, or must have shown through their words, actions, and behavior, that they have offered an exemplary role for some or all of the calendar year of nomination.

Individuals must be nominated by someone other than themselves.

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Retail LP Rising Star Finalist #1:      Syed Arshad Ali, EMSPL
Here's what people are saying about this Rising Star in Loss Prevention:

I am thrilled to nominate Mr. Syed Arshad Ali for the esteemed title of "Retail LP Rising Star." Syed's exceptional contributions to the field of Retail Loss Prevention (LP) make him a standout candidate for this recognition. Syed's journey in Retail LP has been marked by innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Having served with distinction in both Indian National and International Retail Companies, Syed recognized a critical gap in the industry - the lack of comprehensive LP services tailored to the needs of middle and small retailers in India.

Determined to address this gap, Syed took the bold step of establishing the first-of-its-kind institution dedicated to end-to-end Loss Prevention Services for Retail in India. Through his visionary leadership, Syed has not only raised awareness about the importance of loss prevention but has also empowered countless middle and small retailers with the knowledge and tools they need to safeguard their businesses. Syed's impact extends far beyond the confines of his institution. He is a true advocate for the profession, tirelessly promoting its significance and advocating for the recognition of qualified LP professionals. His efforts have not only elevated the standards of retail LP in India but have also inspired a new generation of professionals to pursue careers in this vital field. Moreover, Syed's commitment to continuous learning and innovation sets him apart as a true trailblazer in the retail industry. He remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence, constantly exploring new strategies and technologies to stay ahead of emerging threats and challenges in the realm of loss prevention. In conclusion, Mr. Syed Arshad Ali's unwavering dedication, pioneering initiatives, and profound impact on the retail LP landscape make him a highly deserving candidate for the title of "Retail LP Rising Star."

Retail LP Rising Star Finalist #2:      Douglas Horsting, Rite Aid
Here's what people are saying about this Rising Star in Loss Prevention:

..... Douglas maintains an unmatched dedication to duty in mitigating theft in real-time by establishing authentic working relationships with law enforcement. Real connections, real relationships, not just photo ops. Doug is a trailblazer and leads the entire Rite Aid organization in arrests with the documention to prove it. NO AP or ORC investigator even comes close to his numbers in NYC or California. NYPD established a "Rite Aid Day" because of Doug. He is undervalued and often overlooked because of his humility. He needs to be recognized .

..... Doug has led the charge in creating better retail and law-enforcement partnerships in many
jurisdictions, but particularly in New York City. The program he leads has been evaluated By top brass within NYPD, been presented to the commissioner and the Mayor's office. His work has resulted in thousands of arrests across the city, dozens of partnerships, and sustainable improvement to the shopping experience with our stores. Thank you, Doug.

..... Douglas always makes sure that the employees and the store is safe. He works hand and hand
with the police to catch the shoplifters. He is the most kind and understanding person.

..... For the past few years, I have worked with Doug in an effort to combat retail theft at several locations. Our operations started out in a few precincts, and the model quickly was adopted by others. These joint operations were so successful, Los Angeles Police have contacted him on applying it on the West Coast. Doug was able to present our joint operations to several chiefs at One Police Plaza which was met with praise. Doug is a valued member of the community no matter where he goes and is an asset to the Department in helping curtail retail theft. There is no doubt in my mind that Doug Horsting is a star.